Jean Morris

Jean Morris, CNWI

Jean Morris, CNWI
, teaches K9 Nosework for DogPact. Jean has a BS in Animal Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and an MS in Oriental Medicine. She practices Acupuncture and Functional Nutritional Medicine in Redondo Beach, CA.

Jean has lived with a variety of animals all her life. In the late 1990's she began training her Bernese Mountain Dog, Niekko, in obedience. Growing frustrated with the traditional, rather old-school, training styles, she began learning clicker training and other positive motivational training techniques. These tools opened the door to the world of competitive dog sports. Over the years she has competed and earned advanced titles in conformation, Rally, obedience, herding, draft, agility, and K9 Nosework.

In 2009, she started her journey in K9 Nosework and quickly became impassioned with the training, the people, and the "culture" of Nosework. "It is a beautiful thing to catch a glimpse of how our dogs see the world."

Jean's dog Gremmie is the first Bernese Mountain Dog to achieve the coveted NW3 Elite title.

In May 2015 Jean and Gremmie had the honor and privilege of competing in the NACSW National Invitational Championships in Loveland, Colorado.

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